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Welcome to the Middle Distance Page!

If you’ve arrived here, you are likely looking for a coach, looking for information, or trying to find the location of the workouts.  Below are links to pages that outline my coaching philosophy, and when we meet and where.  You are welcome to email me with any questions you may have.

Our group has a fine tradition of preparing athletes to compete at all levels, whether the raw beginner or athletes for international racing.  Athletes, in some cases, have gone from complete beginner to national rankings.  What is needed is commitment (and good genetics don’t hurt either). I often get asked from beginning athletes, “Why is that athlete so good?” Invariably, the answer is that they never miss workout.  That being said, at each level of development, the appropriate numbers of workouts change.  The program focuses on getting fast, being strong, gaining efficiency while keeping in mind that we are distance runners.  Adding length, and intensity to workouts happens at the appropriate juncture in the athlete’s development.

Philosophy of the Middle Distance Group

Schedule and Location of Middle Distance Workouts

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National Cross Country Championship News 2016

Cross Country News from Age Class 2016

Cross Country News from MHSAA Championships 2017

Notes of Importance:

From today forward (October 24, 2017 until the end of April) all workouts will be at Max Bell from Monday to Thursday. Saturday’s, we will be outside as long as it’s warm enough. During the frosty months, we will be in Max Bell on the weekends, unless we happen to be doing deep water running at either Cindy Klassen or the Pan-Am Pool. People bound for National XC will be outside, unless there is deep enough snow, so as to cause problems with their strides until the end of November.