Junior Development Cross Country Team / Coach Cadman’s Group

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!

I want to congratulate all of our athletes who ran in the Chris McCubbins Cross Country Championships this Saturday. All of our athletes ran hard through the one foot deep mud and steep slippery hills. This was a very tough race, but our Junior Development Cross Country Team was ready for the challenge.

I want to recognize our Junior Development Cross Country Team who participated this weekend, and for some this was their very first race.

Women 2000 Meter Bantam:

5th Reese Tufford

12th Angela Jiang

Woman 3000 Meter Midget:

15th Tiana Swintak

Men 2000 Meter Bantam:

1st Jayden Bryant

5th Ashton Boyle

10th Gavin McCulloch

11th Ethan Cadman

Men 3000 Meter Midget:

12th Graham Nash

14th Kirk Cadman

Junior Development Cross Country Team:  Pizza after practice on Thursday.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Coach Radley’s athletes who certainly set the bar really high this year with some amazing finishes this weekend. Great Running!!!!


Scott Cadman

WOA Coaching Staff (Junior Development / Intermediate Middle Distance)